In the Bringing Loyalty Programs into the Digital Age Webinar presented by Retailbiz in partnership with Klarna, you will hear from senior industry executives as they discuss the concept of loyalty, how they nurture customer relationships, their advice to other brands building their loyalty strategy and the future of customer loyalty.

The Webinar also explores key findings from a recently released Klarna report into consumer attitudes towards loyalty cards. The research found that 84% of consumers have at least one loyalty card and 68% have more than one.

Following its acquisition by Klarna, leading mobile wallet provider, Stocard has a strong pipeline of future technical developments for its app that allows consumers to store all of their loyalty cards in one place. Find out more in this Webinar.

Speakers include:

Tyler Condon – Klarna

Tyler is the commercial lead for Stocard Australia and New Zealand at Klarna. Stocard has joined forces with Klarna which will see improvements to the leading mobile wallet app, making the shopping journey smoooth both online and in-store, expressed through the new look and feel that elevates the experience for consumers and retailers.

Kirsten Hasler – IKEA  

Kirsten has been an IKEA marketer for over 10 years, and although she has not yet managed to master the allen key, she lives and breathes the IKEA brand. Having led marketing teams both at the Australian national head office and IKEA franchisor head office in the Netherlands, she is passionate about data-driven marketing for long-term brand building and business growth.  Currently Kirsten leads the IKEA Australia CRM and Loyalty team and is responsible for the strategic development and implementation of IKEA’s B2C and B2B loyalty clubs.

Haig Kayserian – digiDirect

Haig is an experienced digital business executive, specialising in the growth of ecommerce businesses. As general manager at digiDirect, he oversees the management of over 130 staff across Australia, including store managers and sales teams, buyers, marketers, distribution centre and logistics team, online, corporate sales and customer service teams, as well as a vast portfolio of assets, agency and supply chain relationships for what is one of Australia’s leading click-and-brick consumer electronics retailers.

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