O’Brien Plumbing & Roofing Port Macquarie has opened a second store in Coffs Harbour to keep up with customer demand, on the back of a new digital marketing strategy resulting in over 250 leads through Google in the past 90 days.

After conducting a full technical audit of the company’s website and competitor review, Australian digital marketing service provider, Localsearch developed a localised search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy and optimised their Google Business Profile.

In 90 days, this resulted in an 83% increase of organic website traffic, over 250 call leads, a second ranking in average keyword position and 51,000 extra impressions, an increase of 109% between February and May 2022.

Localsearch started working with O’Brien Port Macquarie in 2018 to grow their business through digital marketing tactics which helped the business grow, allowing them to open their second store in Coffs Harbour. 

O’Brien Plumbing and Roofing Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour director, Ben Carrick said adopting innovative SEO strategies has allowed them to reach new customers and grow their business, resulting in a significant positive impact on their bottom line and growth plans.

“Home improvements and repairs is a continuously growing market in our area. People are either moving in, moving out or needing something fixed. We knew we weren’t reaching potential customers but we couldn’t figure out why, so working with Localsearch meant we could put a strategy in place to tap these markets in ways we hadn’t tried before,” Carrick said.  

“Over the course of the first 90 days and ever since then too, our online presence has created many more inbound enquiries and it’s enabled us to support this increased demand in our local Port Macquarie market while also establishing our Coffs Harbour branch.”

Localsearch director of digital and growth, Adam Boote provided the business a tactical way to attract customers and increase brand awareness about their roofing services.

“With the Port Macquarie store, we identified there was a lack of SEO optimised content on their website so this O’Brien’s branch didn’t appear at the top of relevant Google search results,” Boote said. 

“This just shows a tailored SEO strategy is a powerful tool for businesses, especially smaller businesses who might have smaller budgets to work with. Digital marketing tools like Google Business Profile and ensuring your website content is SEO-friendly can be confusing, so talking with experts and making a few small changes can have a huge impact.”