Pureprofile has introduced its Audience Intelligence product to the retail and fast food industries, providing insights on customer behaviour to give retailers and restaurants access to market analysis and competitor spending trends in real-time.

Based on first-party transactional data not available anywhere else in the market, Audience Intelligence enables users to examine demographic and geographical data faster than ever before.

Audience Intelligence enables businesses to have a greater understanding of how they are performing compared to competitors by providing insights on brand performance, demographic breakdowns of consumers, trends across time, and transactions by location.

The platform’s fully integrated Report Builder tool also allows users to extract reports that can address specific business pain points and questions. Within seconds, a retailer can create a report that geographically breaks down sales from the launch day of a new product or a special promotion.

Pureprofile CEO, Martin Filz believes Audience Intelligence responds to industry changes due to the impact of Covid-19, including the online retail boom and surge in the delivery and takeaway of fast food.

“It is more important for these sectors to have a complete understanding of their respective markets. Changes are happening far more rapidly than they once did, and Audience Intelligence is ensuring that businesses aren’t left behind,” he said.

Audience Intelligence’s roll out to the retail and fast food sectors comes as the platform was recognised as an ABA100 Winner of The Australian Business Award for SaaS Innovation in 2021.