Sports company, Puma and global leak-proof apparel company, Modibodi have teamed up to launch a range of leak-free period underwear and activewear, created to help women stay comfortable and active during their period while making a positive environmental impact.

Puma and Modibodi believe that everybody who wants to participate in exercise or sport should be given the opportunity to stay active and play, fueling the motivation behind Puma x Modibodi’s exclusive global partnership under the “She Moves Us” platform.

“Even in the 21st century, periods and leaks still prevent women from participating in sports. Studies have revealed that girls’ participation in sport drops from 69% (ages 11 to 12) to 45% (ages 13 to 15). Additionally, the single-use plastic from disposable products can continue to pollute the environment for hundreds of years,” Puma global director for run/train, Erin Longin said.

“As a global brand, we felt it important to do our part to address this issue. The Puma x Modibodi collaboration allows women to stay active, without having to worry about leaks, while reducing their monthly waste from period products.”

The Puma x Modibodicollection is designed to be reused and replaces the need for disposable pads, liners and tampons, whilst ensuring women can stay extremely comfortable, odour free and protected from all leaks (not just periods).

Modibodi’s proprietary Modifier Technology achieves this through its soft top layer, made of merino wool, which wicks moisture and sweat, a quick-drying absorbent microfibre middle layer, that locks away fluid and odour, and an additional waterproof protection in the bottom layer.

“No woman should have to sit on the sidelines of life because they have their period or bladder leaks. We are thrilled to launch this collection with Puma and together normalise menstruation and tackle the stigma that women can’t be active on their periods or when experiencing any of life’s leaks,” Modibodi founder and CEO, Kristy Chong said.

As part of the launch, Puma and Modibodi will work with Puma’s She Moves Us charity partner, Women Win, to donate a bundle pack of five briefs to 500 girls and women in need. This five-pack bundle covers a person for their monthly cycle and will last for up to four years.

The first Puma x Modibodi active underwear collection will be available in May 2022 in selected stores and online at and