Australia’s largest e-gift card retailer, Prezzee is aiming to change the art of gifting with customised and personalised e-gift cards in the B2C and B2B space.

Since Prezzee’s inception, the popularity of gift cards has surged, with Prezzee becoming the 15th fastest growing Australian tech company and being on track to deliver more than 7 million digital gift cards before 30 June 2021.

During the height of the pandemic with worldwide imposed restrictions and lockdowns, gifting went digital. Prezzee had a near perfect business blueprint for a pandemic; however, Prezzee’s popularity largely lies in the seamless and personalised art of gifting, appealing to last minute shoppers, and anyone in between.

Prezzee has managed to transform the traditionally perceived ‘thoughtless’ gift card into something unique, allowing the sender to record a personalised video or audio message, or add a photo to their e-gift card for no additional cost – with the gift instantly delivered to the recipient via email or text.

For Prezzee, Mother’s Day is the second largest retail sales period following Christmas, and spending during this sales window has been growing consistently. In 2021, Prezzee saw a 35% YOY increase in Australian and New Zealand shoppers buying digital gift cards. Time poor shoppers accounted for the majority of purchases, with 46% of e-gift cards sold on the day of Mother’s Day (Sunday, 10 May 2021), and 22% of e-gift cards purchased within 24 hours in advance of Mother’s Day.

Globally, Prezzee saw a 140% YOY increase, with more than one million digital gift cards sold over the Mother’s Day sale period. In the United States sales tripled in comparison to a typical sales week and doubled in comparison to a typical sales week in the United Kingdom.

Taking into account the year that was, many bricks and mortar stores were unfortunately another casualty of COVID-19. On the contrary, online shopping was – and still is – booming. Prezee saw an increase in time poor shoppers taking advantage of the ease of being able to jump online and purchase a personalised Prezzee e-gift card in mere minutes.

Shoppers are likely to return when they have a sense of being part of a happy journey, which is essential, given the business Prezzee is in. When the recipient is happy because of their experience, and the sender is happy because it’s been instant and painless it’s naturally a win-win situation. Typically, everyone enjoys being gifted something, and it’s highly unlikely someone will say no to a gift card.

From a B2B perspective, Prezzee gives retailers the opportunity to be a part of a growing platform where their brand can be seen and heard by millions of Australians. Offering an exciting new distribution channel and new customer acquisition opportunities, Prezzee provides a plastic free, digital, and instant solution for in-store and online redeemability – retailers have an entire Prezzee universe that can be accessed. Treating the retailer’s customers as if they were Prezzee customers with first class 24/7 customer service, Prezzee’s MO is bringing joy to every person who receives a digital gift card.           

In addition, Prezzee partners with more than 5,000 corporate clients who utilise Prezzee as a tool for rewards, incentives, acquisition and loyalty for their staff and customers. Corporations can co-brand their own Prezzee e-gift cards, making corporate – and bulk gifting seamless and stress free.

Tony Karp is the CEO of digital gift card app, Prezzee.