Pinterest has announced new tools for advertisers that support a more cohesive journey from the start of the campaign lifecycle until post-campaign reporting.

The expanded Pinterest Trends Tool helps advertisers obtain deeper insights into Pinner planning behaviours to inform campaign planning through creative and targeting. In addition, at the end of the advertising journey, Pinterest’s new API for Conversions provides advertisers a comprehensive view of campaign performance to measure audience actions. The Pinterest API will also integrate conversions features with commerce partner Shopify and tag management partner Google Tag Manager in the coming weeks.

“Pinterest is uniquely positioned at the intersection of discovery and commerce, where inspiration meets intent. We are investing across our advertising platform to help businesses around the world reach their goals and connect with leaned in consumers at every stage of the campaign lifecycle,” Pinterest chief revenue officer, Bill Watkins said.

Using the Pinterest Trends Tool can help advertisers with industry-first features including the ‘Trends your audience loves’ widget that allows advertisers to see what is trending with their users and followers in the last 90 days, the ‘Trends by demographics’ tool that helps advertisers filter by age, topic, time and place, and ‘Seasonal trends’ to help advertisers better align marketing content to when Pinners are most engaged with different topics.

The Pinterest API for Conversions is a new secure and reliable way for advertisers to connect their data to Pinterest, allowing for better targeting and measurement. Through this tagless, server-to-server solution, advertisers gain continued performance visibility, while allowing for optimisation on Pinterest ad campaigns.

While the API for Conversions’ most frequent use case is lower funnel actions, such as checkouts, many advertisers have found additional insight in also using the solution for full funnel actions – add to cart and page visits.