Australia’s largest online pet supplies store, Pet Circle, in partnership with customer engagement platform, Emarsys has completed an 18-month overhaul of its customer lifecycle engagement solution.

As a result of the overhaul, Pet Circle has seen 680% revenue growth from automated lifecycle campaigns, 43% increase in revenue from returning customers, and 67% improved onboarding for new customers that have placed multiple orders after their first purchase.  

Pet Circle director of product, Negar Mokhtarnia said the key to these results has been its partnership with Emarsys, and the proprietary predictive algorithm that Pet Circle built to analyse customer behaviour.

“We built our own predictive algorithm that identifies when a customer needs to repurchase their consumables and triggers their replenishment communications in time. It also calculates each customer’s natural frequency and can identify customers that may be at risk of churn. We are then able to trigger emails, SMS or social communications to these customers based on their customer segmentation through Emarsys,” Mokhtarnia said.

“What makes our algorithm different from others is that it doesn’t only track the frequency of orders and depth of spend to gauge where a customer is within their lifecycle. It also considers our customer’s pet’s life stage and if they are a multi-pet owner, serving communications based on whether they have a young, adult or senior pet and whether they have multiple pets of the same or different species.”

Alongside its new custom predictive algorithm, Pet Circle enlisted Emarsys to strengthen its customers’ lifecycles and build upon customer engagement and retention. In early 2021, Pet Circle leveraged Emarsys’ Relational Data to create lifecycle management campaigns that unlocked retention, cross sell and further gathering of pet data. 

“The Emarsys Relational Data capability has allowed us to store a large number of calculations and previous behaviours to monitor customer purchases every day for every customer and identify the most important messaging to them on that day,” Mokhtarnia said.

Emarsys regional vice president of Asia Pacific and Japan, Kristyn Wallace added: “It’s great seeing a retailer as respected and depended upon by consumers as Pet Circle utilise Emarsys’ capabilities to their advantage. Pet Circle has always placed its customers first, so by having visibility and scalability of its customers’ data, it has allowed them to reap the benefits of true one-on-one customer relationships and form outstanding results.

“It’s amazing having worked with Pet Circle at the beginning phase of their customer engagement journey just under two years ago and seeing how far the company has come today.”