Oracle has announced Oracle Fusion Marketing, the first marketing automation solution that bypasses the entire lead qualification and conversion process.

Fusion Marketing simplifies and accelerates the creation and execution of marketing campaigns by automating the end-to-end process of lead generation and qualification. With Fusion Marketing, any marketer can easily build and run campaigns with consistent messages across advertising and email channels, in just minutes.

Utilising Artificial Intelligence (AI), it automatically shows leads at the account level, predicts when consumers are ready to talk to a salesperson and generates a qualified sales opportunity in any CRM system.

CRM often disconnects workflows, requires a lot of manual administration, and provides siloed data, preventing sales and marketing teams from working with each other to engage customers.

According to Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience executive vice president and general manager, Rob Tarkoff, it is time for the industry to think differently about marketing and sales automation to transform CRM into a system that works for both the marketer and salesperson.

“This is not about forecasts and rollups or a reporting tool to see how the sales force is performing, but instead about turning CRM into a system that helps sellers sell,” he said.

“A huge part of that change is bringing marketing and sales teams together and eliminating the low-value, time consuming tasks that distract from building customer relationships and closing deals. That’s why we have invested so much time engineering a system that will help marketers fully automate lead generation and qualification and get highly qualified leads to the sales team faster.”

Fusion Marketing guides the marketer through the entire campaign creation and execution process including building a target audience of known contacts from any CRM system and automatically generating a highly targeted audience profile for use in online advertising to target people that are unknown to the contact database.

Based on the focus of the campaign and specific industry, Fusion Marketing recommends the best reference stories to promote in the campaign. It also provides a single user interface to assign campaign assets across email, website landing pages and advertising channels.

To launch the campaign, marketers can set up a budget, as well as a start and end date, and then monitor the results in a prebuilt dashboard that provides real-time visibility into campaign performance.

Following the campaign launch, Fusion Marketing automates the generation and qualification of leads with personalised campaign microsites, AI-powered lead qualification when sufficient engagement is detected, and when identified, qualified opportunities are delivered to any CRM system.