Nutella morning mood


A new advertising campaign uses shoppers’ own facial expressions to determine the advertising they see on interactive panels in shopping centres across Australia and New Zealand.

The Nutella campaign uses facial mapping technology to determine if a shopper is happy, inspired or grumpy and the panel then displays the relevant artwork promoting a new range of Nutella morning mood jars.

When not engaged with a specific shopper the oOh!media Excite panels, which have an inbuilt Kinect camera, will change their display depending on the number of people walking by. For example if a couple walks past the creative might say ‘Look at this dynamic duo’ while an individual would see ‘You look stunning’.

oOh!media group director for retail Blair Hamilford said the facial mapping software would help capture the attention of audiences.

“Our creative services team are always looking for ways that we can push the technology packed into our Excite panels to create more immersive brand experiences,” he said. “From that notion, this concept for Nutella was born.

Nutella morning mood

“Given the Excite panels will display the Nutella campaign exclusively, the creative on screen can change to focus on a single person, or groups of two or three, to catch their attention and encourage them to interact with the ad.”

Michelle Hood, ANZ media and communications manager at Ferrero, which produces Nutella, said the interactive panels were a great way to bring the morning mood concept to life.

“The panels are an impactful way to interact with grocery shoppers, making them smile while introducing our new morning mood jars before they walk into store,” she said.

“We are also keen to try new ways to cut through the shopping centre environment and we are excited that we can do a cross-country campaign for the first time.”


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