Two Aussie brothers, Adam and Ryan Bouris have co-founded a unique shopping app that they claim represents the future of retail with influencer content and endorsement opportunities.

After two years in development, the app is now available on Apple and Android and can seamlessly integrate into a retailer’s existing e-commerce websites.

The platform invites retailers to display their e-commerce store, allowing customers to browse various retailers and checkout in one place without the need to navigate multiple websites. Retailers then set commissions on their products and enable influencers to create shoppable landing pages that feature their products.

Consumers simply take a photo or video with specific products to generate a shoppable landing page with its own unique link. The link can then be shared via email, text or social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and TikTok.

This means retailers can generate sales outside their website in social content and messaging services and reach a wider audience with a new marketplace. When a sale occurs, inventory is automatically deducted and order information is sent to an existing dashboard.

“We facilitate a transaction for multiple brands products inside a single piece of content in one click. We can allow that content to be made by anyone with any brand,” the co-founders said. co-founder and retail manager, Adam Bouris said connecting brands and products with consumers is only one part of the app.

“Our marketplace is the world’s only platform designed to enable multi-retailer purchases directly from the brand and with influencer endorsed transactions,” he said. co-founder and influence manager, Ryan Bouris added: “Shopping takes on a whole new dimension with our influencer database. Customers become influencers when they shop, create and share content of their purchases, generating sales from their unique links and earning multiple commissions with one checkout.” is 100% Australian owned and operated with more than 1,000 customers and influential profiles and 40 active Australian and international brands.