Social commerce app, Mys Tyler, has launched representational advertising on its app, responding to demand for hyper-personalised, body-relevant content.

Mys Tyler, led by CEO and founder, Sarah Neill, is now enabling brands to advertise to users utilising curated images that best represent the consumer’s own body. Lee, Riders By Lee, Wrangler, and local size-inclusive label, Embody Women, are the first brands to partner with Mys Tyler in pioneering this new approach to body-relevant fashion advertising.

Mys Tyler research shows 81% of Australian women don’t feel represented by fashion advertising and 91% of women want to see clothes worn on a diversity of models and models who look like them, over traditional models.

Mys Tyler’s first-of-its-kind representational advertising enables brands to set up sponsored posts within the app that utilise a variety of diverse user generated images. When an app user is shown the ad, they will see the images in order of relevance to their own bodies based on Mys Tyler’s fit algorithm.

The algorithm uses a combination of AI and human-based recommendations to match app users with content creators who best represent them across height, shape and size, helping consumers better envisage how an item of clothing will look on their own bodies.

“All of the research we’ve done tells us that women want to see themselves better represented in fashion advertising. The digital era allows us to utilise data and AI, track shopping trends and habits, and serve up advertising that trulyrepresents the consumer who sees it. This type of hyper-personalised advertising results in a curated shopping experience, better fit, happy customers, and less returns. It’s a win for everyone,” Neill said.

“There are a range of major issues impacting the fashion e-commerce industry right now; rising CPC, high return rates, and staying top of mind for consumers in an abundant market. Targeted, representational advertising that speaks to each individual consumer is absolutely the way of the future. We’re giving brands the chance to connect in a new way with consumers that will ultimately improve and enhance their online shopping experience.”

Earlier this year, Mys Tyler partnered with Embody Women for a photoshoot and multimedia campaign that showed how clothes look on different bodies. Embody Women is working with the Mys Tyler team again on the launch of representational advertising.

Embody Women managing director, Katya Vakulenko said, “It’s Embody Women’s mission to foster a more inclusive and positive environment for body diversity within the fashion industry. Through our designs and brand ethos, we challenge conventional beauty standards and advocate for a more inclusive representation of body types. The launch of representational advertising by Mys Tyler will give us another avenue to better represent our consumers with hyper-personalised, body-relevant advertising content.”