Global absorbent apparel brand, Modibodi has developed a new campaign, in line with its new period swimwear launch, after receiving scepticism about the product’s efficacy.

The swimwear campaign, developed by Modibodi’s in-house creative team and UK creative agency, Spider, follows the launch of the brand’s previous swimwear range in November 2022 when one customer left a comment on TikTok asking to see the brand put their period swimwear through the ultimate test – the white towel check. 
Modibodi decided to take them up on the challenge. To bring the social-first campaign to life, Modibodi worked with photographer, Imogen Forte, to capture the three stages of the white towel check. Step one: swim, step two: sit down on a fresh white towel, and step three: check if your period has leaked.

The brand created a suite of socially led assets as a reply to the TikTok comment, proving their technology works when it matters most.

Modibodi chief marketing officer, Liana Lorenzato commented, “It’s exciting to have turned a comment on TikTok into our whole swimwear campaign. There’s still a lot of scepticism about period swimwear, for this latest campaign we wanted to settle the score for good and listen to our audiences’ challenge, testing the range on the one thing that could never lie. A white towel.”

The new swimwear features an absorbent lining that holds one to two tampons without leaking. Modibodi’s unique patented swimwear technology controls odours, light to moderate bleeding, spotting and light bladder leaks for a light to moderate flow.

Made from recycled nylon that repurposes old materials to reduce waste, the latest collection of leak-proof swimwear includes an undetectable two-layer lining to make a splash without worrying about leaks, stains, or stray tampon strings. The super slim, just 1mm thin, fitted waterproof gusset prevents stains and locks in leaks even when wet.

Available in new, improved styles and shapes, Modibodi’s latest period swimwear collection is exclusively designed in limited-edition colours and prints for support and comfort.