Named the ‘Modibodi Game Changer Grant’, this annual grant will provide funding to a range of initiatives, organisations and individuals that innovate and break the status quo, just like Modibodi, helping them develop their work further and continue to make meaningful change.

“At Modibodi, we want to work with partners who inspire and create something that changes the world. Our Game Changer Grant is focused on supporting organisations that are making big changes in their chosen field,” Modibodi head of sustainability and public affairs, Sarah Forde said.

The 2023, and inaugural, winner of the Modibodi Game Changer Grant is UK based, Irise International and its Period Equality Network which champions grassroots action to improve menstrual health and access to period products.

“In our 10th year as a brand, we wanted to build on the strong foundations we have laid in the period equity space through our Give a Pair program, which has donated over $2.5 million worth of underwear. We’re offering our first Game Changer Grant to Irise International, and its work supporting youth to campaign for menstrual equality with dignity and without shame for students,” Forde explained.

Offering both financial and skills-based support, the Modibodi Game Changer Grant is committed to working with Irise International to address period equity.

Irise International CEO and founder, Emily Wilson said, “We were delighted to be chosen as the inaugural recipient of the Modibodi Game Changer Grant. Our brand’s shared values and principles mean that this grant, and the support we’re receiving from the Modibodi team, will drive long term progress towards a UK where no one is held back by their period.

“At Irise, we are working to empower young people to lead social change and influence national policy and practice to transform period shame to freedom. This grant will be going to support our work with ‘Empower Period’, a network of young people working in their own schools and communities to achieve period equality, bringing them together to champion period friendly institutions across the country. Together, with Modibodi, we’re making period dignity in UK schools a reality for everyone.”