Global absorbent apparel brand, Modibodi has developed a social-first period drama, designed to appeal to a Gen Z audience and celebrate the brand’s latest collection of period undies: ModiBasics.

The new ModiBasics period undies have been specifically designed for the needs of 18 to 25-year-old Gen Z menstruators – a pivotal time in life when the one thing they don’t want to worry about is their period.

The ‘I’m Dying Inside’ show speaks to the Gen Z experiences of menstruation in a real yet entertaining way, helping to break taboos and start important conversations about the diversity of period experiences.

Starring TikTok comedian, Samantha Andrew, ‘I’m Dying Inside’follows four housemates as they navigate life and menstruation together. Hosted on TikTok, each episode follows the characters throughout the week of their period as they navigate the awkwardness of young adulthood.

“I was so excited at the opportunity to be part of the ‘I’m Dying Inside’castand work with Modibodi,” Andrews said.

“I have known and loved Modibodi for a long time because their values of education and inclusivity align to my own. What drew me to this project though, was the opportunity to create a show that helps start healthy conversations about menstruation, in a fun and entertaining format. Periods can be painful, problematic and just plain annoying and it’s been great to explore the wide variety of these experiences through the show itself.”

Show director, Arundati Thandur added, “The beauty of this project with Modibodi came from the creative challenges. Being candid in our approach to periods forced us to be bold in our humour and subsequently create an ensemble of rich characters. They’re authentic and relatable. Incorporating classic story structure and film craft with TikTok viewing habits propelled us to scrutinise the comedic moments and elevate the visual appeal of the series, to keep it fresh and engaging.”