Leading Australian leakproof apparel brand, Modibodi has partnered with Getty Images to share the varied bodies, moments and milestones of life postpartum.

The ‘Postpartum Unfiltered’ image gallery depicts women in the 12-month post-birth period. Getty Images’ Custom Content photographers from around the world captured raw images that move beyond simplistic post-birth representations of ‘baby bliss’ or the ‘baby blues’.

“When preparing to launch Modibodi’s reusable nappies and postpartum range of leak-proof bras, camisoles and briefs, we found the images available were extremely limited,” Modibodi founder and CEO, Kristy Chong said.

“Most postpartum images were disheartening photos of mums scared or frustrated. At the other end of the spectrum were glossy celeb mum and bub snaps. We knew this had to change.”

Postpartum life isn’t portrayed widely – or at least not authentically – in media and advertising in all its highs and lows of exhaustion, isolation, anxiety, hope and joy.

“Modibodi aims to normalise conversations and images around women’s bodies and health, be it periods or incontinence and we’re now doing the same for postpartum life,” Chong added.

Getty Images Visual GPS research shows that more than two-thirds (68%) of people in Australia and New Zealand say it’s important to them that the companies they purchase from celebrate diversity of all kinds and represent a lifestyle like theirs (68%) in its visual communications.

Getty Images director of custom solutions, Svetlana Zhukova said, “Creating authentic content for such a personal experience is not easy, but we’re glad to support Modibodi through our global Custom Content network of talented creators.

“These photographers tapped into their own families and friends to capture the very real perspectives from this vulnerable part of many women’s lives. We are proud of the results for this campaign, which opens the door to celebrate the myriad of unfiltered emotions experienced during postpartum that not enough people get to see or are acknowledged in media and advertising.”

The brand is calling on parents from around the world to share their own real postpartum images on social media via #PostpartumUnfiltered.

“We want women to feel prepared, seen, understood and proud of their postpartum journey – whatever it looks like – by showing unfiltered images which acknowledge the tough times and the triumphs of this significant stage of motherhood,” Chong concluded.