Retailers can now tap into the estimated US$40 billion off-site media market, leveraging Meta’s Managed Partner Ads (MPA) API integration with retail media platform Zitcha. The partnership empowers retailers to unlock the potential of Meta’s Shopper Marketing Ads product. 

New Zealand’s largest retail group, The Warehouse Group and its retail media network MarketMedia, is the first to use Zitcha’s MPA integration, with initial results showing up to 32 times return on advertising spend for MPA campaigns.

In Australia, Coles’ retail media arm, Coles 360, is also partnering with Zitcha to enable Managed Partner Ads and strengthen its off-site retail media offering.  

Meta’s Managed Partners Ads simply and effectively connects advertisers with off-site audiences across Facebook and Instagram at scale. Meta’s MPA enables retailers and brands to track and measure off-site video and image ad performance down to the SKU level – a feature unavailable on Meta platforms for other campaigns – while safeguarding user data and delivering a direct return on advertising spend. 

True closed-loop reporting and actionable data drives greater campaign optimisation and return on investment, and brand partners have the flexibility to leverage retailers’ brand equity by using their Facebook or Instagram handles or their own, for enhanced personalisation and audience targeting. 

The MPA API feature, which used to involve a lengthy setup process, is now easily accessible using the Zitcha Platform.

Meta ANZ director of global business group retail, Kate Box said, “It’s great to see our partners innovate with new technology and help retailers reach the right people, with the right message at the right time. The initial tests from Zitcha have been positive with some of Australia and New Zealand’s most recognised brands, and we are excited to see how Zitcha’s work in retail media continues to evolve.”     

Zitcha CEO, Troy Townsend added, “Meta’s MPA is a game-changer for retailers and brand partners to leverage Meta’s channels for their off-site retail media networks. We are seeing massive demand from brands to move marketing dollars from traditional channels into retailers with off-site capabilities that show, in real-time, the return on advertising spend.”