In a world-first, five Australian KFC fans will be jet-setting to one of five locations to taste items from international KFC menus with the Kentucky Fried Fly Chicken travel service.

Eager travellers need to visit the KFC app and begin the search for hidden international menu items which can be found on KFC menus around the world. Fans will need to locate the items – which have never been seen Down Under – and use their KFC knowledge to decide if the product feels out of place on the Australian menu before adding it to their cart. They will then go on the standby list to win an overseas experience in that meal’s country of origin and enjoy it in real life.

The first winner has been sent to Tokyo to try KFC Japan’s iconic Wafu Cutlet Burger, which has been lurking around the KFC app in recent weeks. Featuring a panko-crumbed chicken fillet coated in KFC’s iconic herbs and spices, it comes packed with teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise and shredded cabbage.

In addition to trying this burger in its country of origin, the winner was given a trip around Tokyo complete with tours and experiences. Winners can look forward to business class flights and four-star accommodation, as well as spending money and cultural experiences to the value of $6,000.

KFC Australia chief marketing officer, Tami Cunningham said, “We love creating fresh and exciting opportunities for fans to interact with and try KFC. Since the only thing better than an overseas trip is our delicious fried chicken, we saw the perfect opportunity to combine the two and offer our fans the chance to experience the trip of a lifetime with KFC at the heart.”

Entries for Kentucky Fly Chicken are open until Monday 18 March with four new international products to be found (one at a time) over four weeks. A minimum spend of $1 within the KFC app is required to enter. Entrants must have a valid Australian passport.