Leading insights platform, Yabble has released the evolved Hey Yabble product, which uses a unique combination of in-house proprietary algorithms and world-leading AI to generate insights from any unstructured text data in just minutes.

The product’s new feature, Hey Yabble Count, joins Hey Yabble Query as the cornerstone of the Yabble offering. Able to be used separately or together for maximum benefit, Count and Query are revolutionary tools that improve productivity, save hours of manual work, and create detailed business insights. 

Only 35% of Australian professionals currently use text analytics tools to glean insights from data but 91% plan to use them the same or more in the next 12 months, according to a recent Yabble survey.

Respondents describe the advantages they’re looking for in AI driven tools as removing manual processes (42%), making analysis faster (41%) and making analysis easier (52%).

Yabble founder and CEO, Kathryn Topp said this evolution is a true game-changer that will allow businesses to spend time on capitalising on opportunities, rather than manually analysing data.

“Hey Yabble’s fully automated insights engine can now count, read, analyse, and summarise any unstructured text data at a complete level in a matter of minutes — as opposed to days when done manually,” she said.

“This gives users the unmatched and incredibly valuable opportunity of addressing an insight much more quickly, allowing them to spend more activating against the insight and less time processing data.

“Through the power of Hey Yabble, one of our customers was able to analyse previously difficult to access insights from call centre transcripts to better understand their customer queries and staff support using Hey Yabble Count. While a national retailer uses Hey Yabble Query to generate insights from customer satisfaction comments down to an individual store level.”   

Hey Yabble leverages OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology and its own proprietary algorithms to take any unstructured text data and analyse it for themes, sub-themes, and sentiment. This provides a detailed and accurate understanding of text data that reveals the most talked-about subjects within a particular dataset and instantly highlights the biggest drivers and inhibitors of their business.

“The pandemic has changed the way brands interact with their customers. Customer demands, sentiment, and expectations can change daily, which means brands need to act quickly. The speed with which we unlock insights from data is key to truly understanding the hearts and minds of customers and getting a firm grip on the market,” Topp added.