Leading provider of Experience Improvement (XI) solutions, InMoment has made significant enhancements to its award-winning Experience Improvement (XI) Platform with the addition of enhanced multi-language capabilities.

The latest advancements empower businesses in Asia Pacific and beyond to access additional functionalities to listen, analyse and act on customer feedback in multiple languages facilitating location-specific intelligence.

InMoment’s XI Platform now offers enhanced support for collecting customer feedback in multiple languages, making it easier for businesses to engage with diverse customer bases across the world. This enhancement enables organisations to gain insights tailored to specific regions and demographics to drive local customer-centric initiatives.

InMoment customers can also deploy Whatsapp surveys in the right language for each of their audiences, allowing brands to reach more stakeholders at the right time in the right language on their preferred channel.

InMoment’s ReviewTrackers app enables foreign language speakers to see reviews in their original language to allow easy review responding and quick resolution of customer issues.

Internationalised standard notifications allow users to set their locale and language, which is then reflected in their case notifications. This enables international workers to quickly understand and act on incoming cases, accelerating customer issues resolution and providing a more effective path to experience improvement.

“InMoment is dedicated to supporting our clients in their quest to deliver exceptional customer experiences. With these enhanced multi-language capabilities, we are enabling businesses to reach new levels of personalisation and relevance in their customer engagement efforts. This is a significant step towards creating more meaningful connections with customers worldwide,” InMoment managing director for APAC, David Blakers said.