As a business, it is essential to market your brand and campaign effectively, specifically getting your message across to your target audience. Blast email campaigns can negatively impact your marketing message as emails can sit unopened in a subscriber’s inbox for hours or days – or even worse, be deleted. 

In contrast, 99 percent of SMS marketing messages are read, making it an extremely effective marketing channel for retail store owners and service providers to reach prospective and current customers. Alongside this, 78 per cent of consumers say SMS is the fastest way to reach them, making texting the most effective method for sharing time-sensitive promotional messages and alerts. 

With all of our services and functions under the one roof, we can drive absolute clarity and connection from the top of the funnel all the way to the bottom line.

SMS marketing is one of the best ways to drive response and connection. We knew we needed to find a solution that could be better integrated and drive a best-in-class experience.

What is SMS marketing? 

SMS marketing is an effective way to send campaigns or promotional messages to customers. Businesses use SMS marketing to communicate updates, time-sensitive offers, and other important information. 

Unlike email, the messages are short, with a limit of 160 characters. SMS campaigns appear on your subscribers’ smartphones a few seconds after they’re sent. Depending on the user’s mobile phone settings, they may get a push notification as soon as the message is delivered. 

Clients need an SMS solution

SMS solutions are one of the best ways to drive response and connection. BlueRock had tested several platforms to find the best solution that would benefit clients and be better integrated to drive a best-in-class experience. 

Having tried various SMS tools in the past, most lacked the deep integration to the back end and marketing systems to drive that integrated approach. The best results come when SMS creates personalised messaging, driving deeper engagement and conversation.

How MessageMedia helped BlueRock’s SMS solution

To continue offering clients the best service, BlueRock works hard to uncover and test all the business technologies on the market. Ryan says it’s about putting the customer first and engineering the best pathways for scale and conversion. “One of the best ways to drive response and connection, but while the team had tested several platforms, nothing was quite what it was looking for,” Ryan continued.

The MessageMedia platform is incredibly powerful as it enables B2B messaging, customer NPS and feedback and even employee engagement. It also enables clients to leverage native integrations with the likes of Shopify and HubSpot.

Michael Button, CEO of The House of Golf, a retailer for golf and sports apparel, described the integration of MessageMedia and HubSpot as “seamless,” allowing for real-time customer communication and order updates via SMS based on pipeline stages.  

“This gives the business a competitive advantage, especially during key sales periods”, he continued. Since the integration of MessageMedia, BlueRock has seen tremendous results with sending over 20,000 SMS a month. 

How the partnership has enhanced results for its clients

The partnership with MessageMedia has been operationally successful. Client feedback has been positive, indicating how beneficial the SMS solution is to their businesses.

Both companies are bringing the best of each domain to the table to drive a great outcome and solution and we can expect more clients to be reaping the benefits of their collaborative approach. 

The BlueRock Digital team offers expertise in customer experience, brand and acquisition, and business systems and consulting, which seeks out best-of-breed technologies that add incremental and transformational value to the customer life cycle – like MessageMedia

Ryan Kagan is director of digital at BlueRock.