Retail SMEs in Australia have a chance to win a free keynote with Dylan Alcott, the 2023 Australian of the Year and founder of The Field, Australia’s first disability-inclusive jobs platform.

To enter, simply purchase a bundle from The Field between now and 31 March, 2024; the larger the bundle, the more entries.

The Field, led by individuals with disabilities, ensures equitable access for job seekers and simplifies the recruitment process for employers through training modules and advice on accessible workplaces.

By embracing inclusive hiring, businesses can achieve a 34% increase in customer loyalty, 49% improvement in filling skills gaps and 61% boost in workplace morale, according to the 2016 Disability Confidence Survey.

In addition, 90% of employees with disabilities are as, or more, productive than their coworkers and 98% of employees with disabilities have average or superior safety records.

For the first time on record in Australia’s history, there are more job openings than unemployed people to fill the vacant positions, yet the employment rate of people with disability hasn’t changed in 28 years compared to those without disability.

In Australia, over 4.4 million people live with disability – equating to one in five people. Yet only 53.4% of people of working age with a disability are actively working.

Traditional job platforms can be barriers due to accessibility, meaning many willing and capable job seekers can’t complete an application or are filtered out through the process. The Field challenges bias, and focuses on skills, capabilities and experiences.

“Last year we launched Australia’s most accessible job site, the Field, for people with disability who are searching for work with inclusive employees,” Alcott said.

“To kick off the 2024 recruitment season with a bang, we want to do something special to celebrate. If your company purchases a job bundle on the Field between now and March 31, you’ll go in the winning to score a keynote from me to your organisation. Plus, you get extra entries for each job you post during the competition period. 

“I love sharing my story and the keynote topics are your choice, from leadership and disability to inclusion and taking risks. It’s time to make accessibility and inclusion mainstream in employment.

“The Field gives businesses a clear pathway to people with disability who want work, across all industries, roles and levels of experience.”