From humble beginnings to global recognition, provider of custom framed art, Olive et Oriel continues to redefine art and interior décor at an inclusive price point, with pieces starting at only $9.95.  

Olive et Oriel founder, Teigan Geercke embarked on her journey into the Australian art scene from the humble beginnings of her in-law’s kitchen bench. With a passion for photography and being housebound with a toddler, Geercke was looking for a way to help support the family while staying active with a desire to revolutionise the way customers were able to shop for art.

In 2015, Olive et Oriel was born. “I looked around and there were so many images available that looked the same, and I am passionate that our customers want to individualise their home and felt that there was a gap to deliver something different at an affordable price point,” Geercke said.

Geercke continues to re-invest in Olive et Oriel today, boasting state of the art equipment that allows orders to be printed, framed, and shipped within 24 hours.

Combining fashion with art, Olive et Oriel serves customers across residential, commercial, retail and hospitality spaces on a global scale. The designs have been noted for their influence on the Australian interior decorating scene, adorning the homes of celebrities including Celeste Barber, Kaitlyn Brown and Mick Fanning.

Speaking specifically to the power of Olive et Oriel’s artworks within retail settings, Geercke told Retailbiz, “In a highly competitive and busy retail scene, creating a space that stands out is key. At Olive et Oriel, we’ve seen the magic that the right wallpaper and art can work, instantly elevating a retail environment with sophistication and style.

“It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about crafting a backdrop that encourages customers to capture and share their experiences, effectively turning every snapshot into a shout-out for your brand on social media. 

“With Olive et Oriel wallpapers and art, your store becomes not just a place to shop, but a destination to be seen in. Think of it as your space getting a visual upgrade while your online presence gets a natural boost, all thanks to those insta-worthy moments creating by adding wallpaper or art.”