It’s no secret that we see brands propel to new heights with social media… “but how does it happen and how do you build a community that stays?” was a question we searched to find an answer to. 

Throughout growing the foundation of KYK Hair Care, TikTok, in particular, has been instrumental in our journey, allowing us to connect with our target audience, build trust, and create a thriving community (one that has also continued to stick with us over the years). 

After reaching over 368,000 followers on the platform, being the top followed haircare brand and building a used hashtag #kykhaircare that now has 77 million views (and growing), I have pulled together insights and strategies that have helped us leverage TikTok for social media success.

Discovering optimal posting times

Understanding the habits and behaviours of our viewers was crucial in determining the best times to post content. 

We discovered that between 8pm and 9pm, when people have finished their daily routines and are relaxing on their couches, and early mornings from 6am and 8am, when individuals check their phones before heading to work, were the golden hours for engagement.

Engaging with our followers has always been a top priority. We recognised the importance of building a genuine connection with our audience. By responding to comments and questions, we made it clear that we were there to help and support them personally as well. 

Their queries and feedback became invaluable in creating new content that not only addressed their needs but also attracted the interest of other viewers.

Embracing haters and creating buzz 

While success often invites criticism, we chose to approach hate comments differently. Rather than deleting them, we embraced them as an opportunity for engagement. 

Our supportive community would often respond on our behalf or eagerly follow the drama-filled threads. This approach not only kept our viewers entertained but also showcased the strength of our community and our ability to handle negativity with grace.

Understand TikTok trends and educate

TikTok trends provided an excellent platform for us to educate our audience. They constantly change and provide an opportunity to take your own spin on them – get creative.

We recently jumped into doing in depth voice-overs explaining how to do key hair styles using KYK Hair Care products. When identifying unique content based on trends, we not only empowered viewers to better communicate their hair needs but also offered valuable insights to professionals. We were able to combine education and our products, creating a way to show how our range worked and their real results, instead of telling them to purchase something based off words. 

I decided to provide answers for problems our consumers were trying to solve. Whether it was solutions to long term hairstyling & longer lasting styles or incorporating our own audience’s personal hair growth journey using the Root Me Serum – we let the product have its moment in a valuable way. 

By providing free educational content that hairstylists would typically pay for, we positioned ourselves as a reliable and knowledgeable source, leading to increased engagement and shares.

Consistency, quality, and repurposing content

Consistency and quality were the cornerstones of our content strategy. We realised that pressuring ourselves to create content daily wasn’t necessary – we wanted it to feel genuine and based on what our community requested or needed.

Instead, we focused on producing high-quality videos by dedicating specific days to content creation and scheduling them for staggered posting throughout the week. 

Repurposing popular content from platforms like Instagram proved to be a smart move, as viral TikTok videos often resonated well with our Instagram audience too.  

TikTok as the testing ground and expanding our reach 

TikTok became our experimental account, allowing us to test different content and analyse our followers’ preferences. 

To our surprise, our TikTok account experienced rapid growth, surpassing our Instagram following within just two years. As our reach expanded, we became more mindful of our uploads while still embracing the platform as a space for experimentation. 

The viral exposure on TikTok had a profound impact, leading to recognition beyond the app itself (I was recently pulled aside at a shopping centre to discuss our Tik Tok) and attracting new followers on Instagram.

The journey of KYK Hair Care has been a testament to the immense potential of social media, particularly TikTok, in transforming a brand. We learnt early on who our audience was and kept them at a focal point of the journey – keeping them on it with us. By understanding our audience, engaging with them authentically, and providing valuable educational content, we have cultivated a loyal community and achieved viral success. 

Remember, social media is not just a marketing tool; it is a platform to build relationships, inspire others whilst allowing a bit of creativity and fun, and share our everyday struggles and triumphs. So, embrace the power of social media, and use it to your advantage to create a channel of connection.

Kristina Youssef is founder of KYK Hair.