Pinterest insights show that brands can inspire and engage with their audiences on the platform across a range of consumer interests such as financial advice, products and promotions.

The significant increase in EOFY searches on Pinterest is good news for brands looking to engage shoppers as they prepare for tax time.

Recent Pinterest insights show Australians are taking their savings seriously with a major uptick in searches for investment, wealth and saving tips ahead of tax time, as well as a surge in saved EOFY advice and planning Pins.

Brands can tap into the EOFY sales trend by:

Using targeted advertising: Businesses should ensure their campaigns meet customers in the moment with advice and products aligning with current searches and trends around EOFY sales, promotions and planning on Pinterest.

Starting early: Close to three-quarters (74%) of 2021 EOFY searches and saves took place between March 1 and May 23, suggesting people are getting organised well-ahead of tax time. Brands should start their campaigns early, giving Pinners plenty of lead time to plan their purchases.

Using innovative ad formats: Pinners are 66% more likely to buy brands they’ve seen advertised, compared to non-Pinners. Engage with Pinners when they’re searching for inspiration with creative, visual campaigns.

Value adding: Create content across search categories that Pinners want to engage with. Think Idea or Shop Pins across common searches like “home decor”, “beauty” and “women’s style” or across current trending search categories.

“Pinterest is a place where Australians come to plan, and the rise in searches for EOFY advice, products and promotions reflects the popularity of the platform nationwide,” Pinterest Australia sales lead, Carin Lee-Skelton said.

“People are continuing to turn to Pinterest as their source of inspiration, tips and guidance – and that includes financial matters and shopping. All brands running EOFY activity should include Pinterest in their campaign mix, as it presents an opportunity to reach new audiences and target customers who are uniquely open to brands informing their purchases.”