Appliances Online has increased its foot traffic significantly in the last three years since partnering with Rakuten Marketing.

The retailer’s head of marketing, Trent Allan says affiliate marketing enables businesses to boost revenue and click-through rates, while gathering a more holistic picture of the customer journey online in buying appliances.

“Being one of the first to market in selling appliances online, we have positioned our business very well and have remained customer-focused to continue our success.

“The biggest challenge we face as a pureplay retailer is not being able to offer consumers a unique in-store experience, as many consumers prefer to see products firsthand before they make their purchase decision,” Allan said.

“Despite this, we have been able to uphold excellent customer service, with free delivery and free removal of old appliances, as well as a very informative and engaging online presence.

“We bring our website to life with the use of videos, testimonials and product reviews to help consumers make an informative decision about the appliances we sell. We also have ‘best buy’ and ‘premium buy’ categories with curated content of what appliances we recommend,” he commented.

Appliances Online also offers a LiveChat on its website for consumers who want to speak to a customer support consultant for advice.

The pureplay retailer is also active on social media with over 375,000 likes on Facebook. The Facebook page contains posts with recipes, promotions and competitions.

This story first appeared in Appliance Retailer