GoDaddy is introducing Instant Video to help small business owners become confident content creators. Instant Video is a new AI-powered feature within the GoDaddy Studio app that can quickly and easily meet the growing need for video-based digital marketing and social commerce at no additional cost. 

GoDaddy Studio already provides resources to create content for websites, social media, marketing and more. With thousands of templates to choose from, small business owners can create branded and professional assets for social platforms, website, and email marketing.

GoDaddy vice president of product management, Laka Sriram said, “Branded video marketing is key to standing out online and GoDaddy Studio’s AI-powered Instant Video makes it easy for small business owners to create social media and video content quickly, without the need to be tech-savvy. By using the latest technology, entrepreneurs will now be better equipped to maximise social media platforms’ algorithms, which favors videos, and increase engagement to grow their business.”

With the addition of AI, GoDaddy Studio customers can now choose the most relevant video style and create and post watermark-free, influencer-quality videos for social media promotion, product demonstrations, tutorial videos, and more.

The app also uses AI to auto-generate slogans based on uploaded video clips or images. No prior design experience is required with tools available for seamless plug-in of both entrepreneur-owned video and photos, along with content available in GoDaddy Studio’s built-in library.

Creators can produce videos using royalty-free music through a partnership with Melodie – meaning all music available within GoDaddy Studio is created by independent artists and supports musicians around the world. 

Also new within GoDaddy Studio, entrepreneurs looking to expand their online presence can now purchase a domain name directly within the app and add a free version of website builder, with the ability to upgrade to a matching email address. GoDaddy Studio Pro users have additional access to stock photos and videos within the GoDaddy Studio library.