Software company, Freshworks has introduced a new customer relationship management (CRM) solution to deliver a unified customer record across conversational marketing, sales and customer support for direct-to-consumer brands and digital retailers.

Freshworks CRM for e-commerce empowers employees to engage their buyers directly through modern messaging channels, providing them with more personalised experiences.

Freshworks CRM for e-commerce natively integrates with e-commerce platforms and packages marketing automation, multi-channel campaigns (email, chat, WhatsApp, and SMS), and conversational sales and support (live-chat and AI chat bots) to help businesses segment their audience, automate and personalise messages.

“Our first solution with a true unified data model, Freshworks CRM for e-commerce, was built to help local businesses act on a complete view of the customer so they never have to do things they hate—like repeating order information or wading through irrelevant products and promotional emails. This marks a major step toward our product vision of helping businesses delight their customers,” Freshworks chief product officer, Prakash Ramamurthy said.

New Multichannel Engagement Journeys helps marketers create comprehensive customer profiles and run segmented marketing campaigns based on their purchasing behaviour across email, chat bots, SMS, WhatsApp, and social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

NewConversational Engagement features like out of the box chatbot templates and order information available in the Agent Inbox, help support teams increase purchases and grow lifetime loyalty with personalised messaging and cart abandonment prompts without leaving the Freshworks platform. 

Online businesses can also track all aspects of commerce to decrease time to order, drive repeat revenue and customer lifetime value (CLTV) with insights that sync contacts, purchase history, and relevant data between e-commerce platforms and Freshworks’ marketing automation solution.