ePac Flexible Packaging (ePac) is introducing in-house design services to support brands to optimise packaging design and branding.

A network of designers has joined ePac to help bring new and existing customers’ brands to life, providing packaging design support, as well as branding and content services.

To celebrate the launch of the new offering, ePac is launching a design competition open to new and existing customers, as well as design and creative agencies. The competition will run until 30 June 2023, with the winner of the ePac Packaging Design Awards to win $5,000 worth of flexible packaging in the form of roll stock or pouches.

ePac Flexible Packaging marketing director for APAC, Claire Summers said, “Branding and design plays a pivotal role in the battle for attention on shelves and online, and we are thrilled to be able to offer design services to our customers in addition to their digital packaging needs.

“Since launching in 2021, ePac has received a great response from the community, helping us build momentum in Australia. ePac’s design offering is a natural progression from our vision to help small businesses establish big brand presence by supporting their packaging needs with its local, cost-effective, fast and sustainable offerings.”

ePac serves local brands across multiple product categories from snacks, confections health and beauty, coffee, natural and organic foods, pet food, and nutritional supplements. ePac provides 10 to 15 business day lead time, focuses on small and medium run-length orders, and enables brands to order to demand.

The network of designers and content creators include David Schembri Studios, Designable, Birdstone and Thick Black Frames.