The world’s largest consumer voted awards, Product of the Year (POY), is now inviting brands to enter products that showcase innovation and appeal to consumer demands, for the chance to take home one of the coveted award categories.

To enter, products must be launched between October 2020 and May 2022 and demonstrate innovation through packaging, function or design. POY encourages small businesses and brand new products to enter, as well as any known brands that have redesigned or adapted their products.

The POY logo has proven to be a powerful marketing message with winners, typically seeing their sales increase by an average of 10% to 15%. Winning products, which will be announced in November 2022, will receive the right to use the POY seal in marketing communications for one year and gain access to an annual PR and social program to support their win.

POY Australia managing director, Sarah Connelly said, “Each year, the awards grow exponentially from the year prior, as more brands create products to match evolving consumer demands. Each year I am delighted to see the brilliant standard of entries, and I know that 2023 will be no exception. It’s always exciting to see the new brands that enter the mix among well-known products and take home a winning title that will elevate their brand for years to come.”

For the 2023 awards program, POY is offering new businesses the chance to enter the ‘Ones To Watch’ category, which recognises innovative products from smaller companies or start-ups who may not have the budget or distribution to enter into the full awards program.

In addition, POY has opted to support businesses by making the 2023 Awards as accessible as possible by reducing prices for entry. The new program fees will be reduced to:

  • $3,500 Nielsen Research fee which offers a unique survey of over 5,000 shoppers and their thoughts on your products
  • $15,000 Winner’s Fee
    Brands entering the ‘Ones to Watch’ category will only have to pay the research fee and not the winner’s fee. .

To enter the awards, or find out about eligibility for the Ones To Watch Award category, visit here.