Today, marketers have various choices with an increasing option of channels and tools at their disposal; however, email largely remains the preferred channel to cater to tailor-made experiences, according to the Dotdigital ‘Future of cross-channel marketing’ report.

While email is the most influential marketing channel (69%) shaping customers’ purchase decisions, results also show that 70% of people surveyed note they are likely to unsubscribe if they get too many emails. Social media marketing and SMS follow closely behind email as influencing purchasing decisions.

Brands need to understand exactly how their audiences wants to be marketed to. The importance of email should be taken seriously, but brands should still consider alternative channels to reach more consumers.

Why consumers abandon cart

The cost of shipping is the highest contributor to cart abandonment. When asked about the top reason that leads consumers to abandon an online shopping cart, 57% listed higher shipping costs that were not visible from the outset. Retailers need to ensure that not only is their cost of shipping reasonable and as expected by shoppers, but that it is clearly visible. Communication and transparency are key.

Get personal

Australian shoppers feel brands have a long way to go when it comes to personalisation, and there is room for improvement. According to the report, more than half the people surveyed say that their marketing communications are somewhat personalised, and one-third think their emails are not personalised at all. 

Live chat helps drive conversion

Shoppers would like to see more in-person assistance via live chat options on retailer websites. The majority (56%) use it to ask for advice. It is therefore an important tool in the purchase and conversion process, and something retailers need to consider.

Importance of brand values

Interestingly, more than two-thirds of Australian shoppers think brands are not doing enough to showcase what they stand for, with 30% of consumers surveyed taking a brand’s stance on sustainability into consideration when making a purchase decision.

Loyalty for a price

A loyalty program is an excellent way for brands to build stronger and lifelong brand advocates. But, do customers receive expected perks? Results show that almost all shoppers (94%) want rewards/discounts for their loyalty. It’s evident that a reciprocal relationship is valued, and brands should keep that in consideration when launching a loyalty program.

The role of reviews

An overwhelming 72% of consumers say that reviews are key to the decision-making process when purchasing products or engaging with brands. Word-of-mouth was the second most important factor in the decision to purchase, with 79% of those surveyed likely to recommend a preferred brand to others. A positive customer experience is not only about a single customer journey. It’s about the ripple effect of customers telling their friends, family, and co-workers.

“With changing dynamics, a highly competitive market and savvy customers, retailers must effectively harness all channels and revisit their marketing strategy to strengthen communications,” Dotdigital head of marketing for Asia Pacific, Aparna Gray said. 

“We’ve produced a report to get our finger on the pulse of Australian consumer purchasing habits, to ensure we are helping our clients deliver the ultimate customer experience – delivering the right message through the right channel, at the right time and to the right person.”