Well-known Australian blogger and creative, Margaret Zhang, has partnered with Eastland shopping centre to produce a limited edition book, ‘In the Youth of Our Fury’.

Through a series of photographic essays, Zhang explores a range of issues she thinks society is currently facing, and tells a story about Eastland and its surrounds in Ringwood, Melbourne.

The photographs were captured over several months and include a range of still life, portraits, fashion, beauty and travel shots both in Australia and abroad, featuring key Eastland retail partners.

Steve Edgerton, Eastland general manager, says the aim of the partnership is to reach beyond the traditional retail seasonal marketing approach to produce interesting and inspiring content for shoppers.

“Retail spaces today are as much about lifestyle, recreation, entertainment and dining as shopping,” he says. “More and more, people are seeking integrated sensory interactions that they can share with others, which enrich their lives while they’re with us.

“We are delivering the future of the Australian consumer experience at Eastland and everything we do is reflective of that ambition.”

There have been big changes at Eastland recently with a $665 million redevelopment that has increased the size of the Queensland Investment Corporation-owned centre by 50 per cent. Positioning itself as an innovative retail destination, Eastland is now also home to a Town Square and a range of high-end retailers.

A selection of Zhang’s work from ‘In the Youth of Our Fury’ will be on display at Eastland until 25 September, and visitors can also receive a copy of the book as a gift with purchase.