Loyalty and rewards program provider, Loyalty Now, and social enterprise, Doing Good Rewards, have partnered to offer a world-first card-linking approach to charity that lets consumers automate donations to their charity of choice at the point of sale with any connected Visa, MasterCard or EFTPOS card.  

The partnership combines the payment card-linked technology of Loyalty Now with an existing ecosystem of in-store merchants that offer charitable donations on the Doing Good Rewards platform. Through this partnership, loyalty and rewards members can link their debit and credit cards with their favourite retailers and charities to simultaneously save money at the checkout and donate part of those savings to the client or merchant identified charity of choice. 

“Conscious consumerism is growing in Australia, and it’s important that brands recognise the value of giving back to the community,” Doing Good Rewards CEO, Brad Langdon said.

“Doing Good Rewards wanted to make charity contributions as simple as possible, to help make donating to charity part of everyday life. This approach means consumers don’t need to find dedicated funds to help support vulnerable members of society; they can simply automatically donate as part of their everyday transactions without conscious effort.” 

The partnership between Loyalty Now and Doing Good Rewards aims to address the current pain points loyalty systems face by simplifying loyalty and rewards programs for merchants and consumers, while also automating the donation process.

“Charities must charge administration fees to run effectively, and up to 60% of fees are spent on donor retention and hosting events to encourage more donations and community engagement,” Langdon said.

“Through its partnership with Loyalty Now, Doing Good Rewards is leveraging automation and frictionless transactions to help reduce this amount to zero, leaving more money available for charities to focus on providing support to those in need.”  

Loyalty Now executive chairman, Christopher Carroll said, “This partnership not only provides store merchants with the opportunity to automate their loyalty programs, it also creates a more positive giving experience for busy Australians who might otherwise opt out of a time-consuming process at the checkout.”