Covid-19 has been a significant factor behind the growth experienced by specialist artwork business, DG Designs, over the last year.

With more people staying at home, shopping for homewares spiked and so too did the audience and customers, according to founder, Dom Gauci.

“If you’re going to stay at home, you might as well have something good to look at!” she told Retailbiz.

She attributes her success to Instagram and originality: “Without Instagram and the constant sharing of my work, I would not have been able to reach such a wide audience. My artwork wasn’t something that was predominantly on the market when I began so I became a trailblazer for this new concept of artwork that was original, unique and appealed to a market that hadn’t been quite tapped before”.

Gauci has focused on sports and RnB based themes over the last year but the business will go down a few different paths this year to open up the audience and reach new markets. “2021 will see partnerships with established brands, as well as new collections that will appeal to mums, interior designers, and stylists.”

DG DESIGNS started from a challenge Gauci set for herself while studying in NYC. She dedicated time to complete “a drawing a day” and with a fond appreciation of geometric design, Leo was created during the challenge and posted on social media.

“I was surprised by the overwhelming response and questions to purchase him so, I set it upon myself to do a few more. From there, family and friends were asking to purchase my pieces for themselves or gifts and I knew there could be something here with what I was creating,” she said.

Although Gauci had a background in design, she had little to no understanding regarding business, so she had to learn the fundamentals of how to run a business.

“I have never been afraid to ask for help and I had a great network of people and entrepreneurs who were always willing to answer my questions and guide me in the right direction based on their experiences.”