Criteo’s in-store and omnichannel retail media arm, powered by Brandcrush, is joining forces with TechMedia to give retailers and brands access to a fully integrated self-serve booking and reporting solution.  

The collaboration provides an opportunity to leverage Criteo’s programmatic advertising capabilities in combination with TechMedia’s extensive Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) expertise to offer enhanced targeted advertising solutions that redefine audience engagement strategies and unlock operational and commercial gains for retailers seeking to own their entire media ecosystem.

Offering a comprehensive end-to-end solution for media owners and buyers to plan, manage, and execute campaigns, the technology features highly granular media asset management complemented by incremental return on advertising spend reporting (iROAS).

With changing consumer behaviour, retail transactions have continued to normalise from online to in-store, prompting many retailers to tap into their physical audience, giving rise to retail media 2.0 with the digitisation of in-store experiences. 

The need for a consolidated view of all media in a single unified platform has meant that Criteo’s in-store arm is now serving as the hub of the retail media tech stack. Bringing together multiple CMS platforms for digital screens and audio offerings, while also serving physical media assets, sampling partners and other audience extension opportunities.

The organic collaboration between Criteo and TechMedia came about from their mutual client, Endeavour Group, with its dedicated retail media arm, known as ‘MixIn’ recently launching a retail media offering for suppliers across more than 1,700 stores within the Dan Murphy’s and BWS network.

MixIn by Endeavour Group production and compliance manager, Rhiannon Hart said, “Our ambition is to make it easy for brands and agencies to transact with MixIn at scale, we partnered with Criteo’s in-store arm, powered by Brandcrush, as the technology provides a unique opportunity to consolidate media buying for in-store and online through a centralised interface.”

Criteo in-store sales director, Matt Hurle commented, “TechMedia is a natural partner for Criteo, allowing us to tap into decades of Digital Out of Home (DOOH) experience and deep knowledge of global CMS providers.”

TechMedia CEO, Noman Cantrell added, “By integrating Criteo’s in-store and omnichannel media booking solution with TechMedia’s already in place platforms, we’ve been able to deliver a seamless experience for brands, from booking to campaign delivery on players and screens. We see this as an important milestone with applications for retailers around the world.”