Cloud-based voice platform Aircall will expand its presence across the country by opening a new office in Sydney to bring its technology closer to local customers and partners.

Strategic partnerships with tech firms including Hubspot and Salesforce have contributed to Aircall’s emerging presence in Australia. In 2020, Aircall helped more than 3,000 new businesses fast-track their digitalisation and is used for everyday business conversations.

Aircall sales director for Asia Pacific, Andrei Sochala said the platform’s software can be deployed from anywhere in the world, which allowed the company to grow an Australian customer base of over 500 clients.

“We specifically witnessed a strong product fit, driven by the user friendliness of our solution, and by our strong focus over call quality through VOIP (voice over internet protocol) – which immediately resonated with Australian businesses facing coverage gaps,” he said.

“It is those partners’ ongoing trust in us, and the opportunity that the vibrant local tech scene presents, that makes us confident in, and excited for, our Australian office addition.”

Aircall CEO and co-founder, Olivier Pailhes said the remote office boom shifted how many people work — from communicating with co-workers to measuring productivity.

“The effort that businesses put into adapting and equipping employees for a more efficient way of working does not need to stop as people start to return to the office,” he said.

“We are eagerly anticipating working with those in the Australian market to make communicating with employees, prospects, end-customers and colleagues successful through any model of work; whether that be remotely, in-person, or both.”