Blooms The Chemist is digitising how it manages owned media, rolling out a dedicated supplier media portal capable of managing in-store and online campaigns across its 110-plus pharmacies.

Blooms The Chemist has maintained active supplier marketing programs in-store and online, but with its new media platform, powered by martech partner Brandcrush, Blooms The Chemist is scaling these solutions.

Partnering with Brandcrush has transformed the pharmacy networks’ media offering, maximising the revenue potential of its in-store and online assets, including end displays, magazines, and social media ads, among other listings, according to Blooms The Chemist head of merchandising and ecommerce, Michael Foran.

“We have more than 500 marketing opportunities available every month across 110 plus stores throughout Australia and online. With more than 150 suppliers and multiple brand partnerships, manually managing media operations takes time and attention away from our focus of being a healthcare destination and providing services to our customers and communities,” he said.

“With Brandcrush, we now digitally handle all our media operations. The technology significantly simplifies things for our suppliers and our team. We’re excited about this partnership and what the future holds.”

Blooms The Chemist’s suppliers can now self-serve and book activations to reach consumers in-store or via the brand’s website in minutes, handling all workflow management and activation reporting in online portals.

Brandcrush co-founder and CEO Teresa Aprile is excited by the growth of the Australian pharmacy sector and looks forward to helping Blooms The Chemist maximise its media offering,

“Brands are increasingly trying to get closer to the consumer and make the most of retailers’ owned media channels. But for many brands, these opportunities are hard to find, book, and measure. Our technology provides the most comprehensive self-serve solution on the market for omnichannel shopper engagement,” she said.

“We’re excited to partner with Blooms The Chemist: a leader in community pharmacy and an innovator in the retail omnichannel media space. With the recent disruption brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, connecting with consumers through this channel will provide a significant growth engine for Blooms The Chemist and its suppliers.”