Bazaarvoice has partnered with Zendesk for a new integration that builds smarter shopping experiences across the customer journey to improve customer service for Australian retailers.

The partnership ensures brands provide customer centric support by enabling businesses to seamlessly gather and harness valuable customer insights while delivering support. Specifically, the Bazaarvoice and Zendesk integration enables businesses to build an efficient, effective UGC program that delivers high-quality customer experiences and improves customer service across the shopping journey.

Bazaarvoice partner marketing manager, Ashlei Valles said, “People spend a lot of their time shopping online. Shoppers seek inspiration, good-quality information, and the perspectives of real people to help them feel comfortable making purchases. 

“The best way to improve customer service and offer the level of support shoppers crave is by responding to ratings, reviews, and other user-generated content (UCG). This helps consumers feel confident they can get the help they need. Having a strong UGC response strategy helps build relationships with consumers, which can improve confidence.”

To help build impactful UGC programs and create deeper and more efficient customer engagements in the process, Bazaarvoice and Zendesk have partnered for a new integration.

As the leading UGC provider, Bazaarvoice offer ratings and reviews, questions and answers, and other UGC solutions. Zendesk is a customer service platform connecting over 100,000 brands with hundreds of millions of customers across email, social channels, review sites, and more. 

Bazaarvoice senior vice president of global partnerships, Mark Drosos added, “Bringing together the power of Bazaarvoice and Zendesk, we are making it easier for our clients to be customer centric. This integration is a game-changer, enabling businesses to seamlessly gather and harness valuable customer insights. By uniting two industry leaders, we empower brands and retailers to build stronger relationships, drive growth, increase lifetime value, and elevate the customer experience to unprecedented heights.”

The Bazaarvoice and Zendesk integration can help improve workflows, enhance brand reputation and improve customer service by building robust customer profiles and keeping tabs on what consumers are saying about you and your products; managing brand reputation at scale by prioritising high-impact reviews and questions; increasing productivity by centralising customer information through the Zendesk platform; learning about customers including their pain points and identifying market gaps; driving customer experiences and retention by improving customer satisfaction; and boosting consumers’ voices as those who interact with UGC are twice as likely to convert.