Australian start-up, Sample has become the first platform in the world to provide a career headquarters for essential workers across hospitality, retail, warehousing, transport and logistics.

Sample launched earlier this month following a $920,000 pre-seed funding raise led by Sequoia Capital India.

Similar to what LinkedIn did for office workers, Sample wants to do the same for essential professionals — often known as blue or grey collar workers —by providing a community for them to grow their network, apply and find the right jobs faster, get support from people with the right skills, and become more career-mobile. 

“The transactional nature of the job board has not changed since the early 1990s. While it may have been further digitised, feedback loops remain poor, and candidates lose time sifting through dozens of job ads that don’t match their skillset,” Sample co-founder, Elliott Gibb said.

“Covid highlighted the importance of remaining career-mobile, yet none of the existing job platforms help candidates recognise and market their transferable skills when looking for work. Employers are also limited to active applicants only, and struggle with irrelevant applications, poorly formatted resumes, and the misaligned business models of most job boards.”

Amid a skills shortage, Australia is also experiencing a massive reshuffling of the entire labour market, not just knowledge workers despite the current media narrative. 

According to Sample co-founder, Jascha Zittel, if the last two years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of following passions, especially if it falls outside the corporate 9-5,” he said.

“We are now seeing white-collar executives take the leap and open up their own cafes, but not know where to begin, or where to find the right resources.

“That’s why the need for a platform where essential professionals can build a strong network has become more pertinent than ever. It helps ensure that everyone can build and have access to the right opportunities that are not dependent on factors out of their control like their background or whether they attended a prestigious school.  

“Sample is on a mission to close this network gap. It provides the infrastructure for millions of often overlooked essential professionals to build their personal brand, grow their network, learn from the best in their field, and find the right jobs faster.”

Sample is available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, for essential professionals in the following industries to connect: hospitality, retail, hair and beauty, logistics and warehousing, health and wellness.