Australian Outdoor Media (AOM) has unveiled its first smart billboard at Hyperdome Shopping Centre, Brisbane, in partnership with QIC – a 40 square metre outdoor billboard enhanced with groundbreaking data capture technology and powered by a unique AI platform.

AOM secured the prestigious QIC outdoor billboard representation contract, heralding a milestone as the first major deployment of smart billboards in the region. This initiative, led by AOM, is set to transform how brands engage with their target audiences through smart billboards.

AOM’s data capture screens are enhancing billboard advertising by collecting valuable data about surroundings, including traffic volume and environmental conditions and identifying diverse environmental factors to display relevant ads.

AOM chief operating officer, Carlos Reyna outlined AOM’s vision for the future of out-of-home advertising emphasising that AOM’s smart billboards are more than just a technological leap, they signify a paradigm shift in the industry.

“Our smart billboards are poised to revolutionise the advertising landscape by offering companies the opportunity to leverage digital tech (once limited to the internet) to dynamically advertise in the real world, in spaces previously considered old-fashioned and impersonal,” he said.

“With our advanced data capture technology, we can provide a highly personalised and engaging experience for both advertisers and the public, equipping businesses with the intelligence typically associated with online advertising. This marks a new era in the advertising industry, where the physical world becomes a dynamic canvas for brands to connect with their audiences, rewriting the traditional rules of engagement.”