Australian coffee roastery, Allpress has taken its Allpress Espresso Blend and developed its first capsule espresso.

Carefully crafted using Allpress’ signature Espresso Blend used by café partners around the world, the capsule is designed to deliver a more accessible solution for customers to enjoy coffee at home without compromising on flavour.

The decision to create a capsule was based on customer feedback in combination with research commissioned by Allpress, which found that 65% of café drinkers also drink coffee at home, with one in three using a capsule or pod machine.

Allpress head roaster, Zach Dowse said most pods didn’t meet their expectations when it came to flavour so they took the time to challenge the status quo and create a product that stood up to the expectations of Allpress consumers.

“This meant going back to the basics and thinking about how the Allpress Espresso Blend could be adjusted to work best as a pod. We had to think about the roast profile, the mix of origins in the capsule and finally, finding the correct grind size that allowed the right amount of water contact and gave us the most balance to our cup,” he explained.

“After rounds of trying, testing and perfecting, we reached a point where we were able to achieve the iconic Allpress Espresso Blend flavour, adjusted uniquely as a capsule.”

Allpress founder, Michael Allpress described the capsule coffee as one of the brand’s biggest ventures yet.

“It was important to us to respond to our community and their needs but without losing what is at the heart of our business and what Allpress is loved and known for – our flavour promise,” he said.

“Creating a coffee capsule was not a decision we took lightly; it was something we knew we had to get right. A lot of love, time and care has gone into the creation of the Allpress Espresso Speciality Coffee Capsule and the result is that we have created the best espresso capsule on the market.”

The Allpress Espresso Speciality Coffee Capsule is now available in a 10 pack for RRP $12 or 60 pack for RRP $70 and is compatible with most capsule coffee machines. The capsules are available at AllPress online, Allpress Roastery Cafes, cafe partners and other specialty grocery stores.