Adobe Experience Cloud is expanding with new capabilities to help industries, including retail, succeed in their first-party data strategies for more personalised customer experiences at scale, and to better prepare for peak sales periods. 

The enhancements including an AI-powered search capacity and collaborative data sharing function will help brands deliver tailored and contextually relevant experiences.

One of the key enhancements is the Adobe Experience Platform Segment Match, integrated into Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform (CDP) now in beta, which lets brands collaborate to expand their own first-party data sets through partnerships for better insights and improved personalisation.

For example, a haircare retailer may partner with a skincare brand to exchange non-sensitive segment data about their matching customers, like the type of hair accessories that a subset of their customers is buying so that the skincare brand can recommend products for those groups.

To help retailers better understand their customers through first-party data and create more personalised shopping experiences across customer touchpoints, Adobe Experience Platform is now offering new capabilities that streamline the data collection process and enable more actionable insights. Companies will receive a daily delivery of key insights such as audience growth trends and customer growth analysis like which channels drive the most engagement.

Adobe Journey Optimiser helps companies design, orchestrate, and intelligently deliver personalised messages and promotions based on real-time customer data. Multiple data types including behavioural and transactional are combined with AI and machine learning so retailers can proactively address customer needs in real-time.

As digital commerce has reached new heights, so have customer expectations, according to Adobe vice president for experience cloud products and strategy, Amit Ahuja.

“Scaling personalised experiences in a world where customers have control over how brands use their data, is the next big thing for marketers in any business to tackle. To succeed, brands must put quality first-party data at the centre of their customer acquisition and engagement strategy, helping build trust and deliver brand experiences with only the information customers choose to share,” he said.

Peak sales periods call for the creation of themed marketing campaigns and new site experiences that often require close collaboration on digital assets between marketing teams and creative professionals.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets Essentials, a lightweight UI of Experience Manager Assets, serves as the default asset management experience for Journey Optimiser. This native integration enables marketing and creative professionals to store, discover, and distribute digital assets across teams in a centralised, cloud-based workspace. AI-supported workflows and search powered by Adobe Sensei allow for intuitive search and discovery of digital assets.   

With the availability of Live Search powered by Adobe Sensei, Adobe Commerce merchants can now provide their shoppers with relevant and personalised search-as-you-type results. Leveraging Adobe Sensei, Adobe’s AI and machine learning framework, helps reduce manual merchant tasks, while delivering search results with speed and accuracy based on what the shopper is looking for.