Hophaus Bier Bar


What do you get when you combine the feel of a traditional German bier hall with a waterfront location and add a cosmopolitan spin? Melbourne’s Hophaus Bier Bar.

Located in the Southgate shopping precinct, the space features an art deco-inspired dining hall, open kitchen and long bar with 30 draft beer taps.

Architect Drew Carling, director of Maddison Architects, which designed Hophaus said his firm looked to traditional German bier cafes and the common materials they used for inspiration.

These materials were then reinterpreted in order to convey the feel of a traditional bier house but with a modern look.

Hophaus Bier Bar

“Treating familiar elements with a contemporary slant and creating a simultaneously recognisable yet new atmosphere, Hophaus looks to historic German architecture for inspiration,” explained Carling.

“Texture and warmth are created by using crafted and hand-finished materials such as brick, steel, timber and stone throughout.”

Timber is a main feature of the space, and Carling said the design team sought out environmentally friendly materials. This led them to use blackbutt timer from Big River Group for the walls and ceiling.

“We are obligated to be aware of the environmental sustainability of the products we specify and Big River’s AFS certification ensures source material is from managed regrowth and plantation forests,” he said.

As a reinvention of the beer halls found across Germany, Hophaus’ fitout needed to function as a contemporary adaptation of these beloved institutions while tying seamlessly into its waterfront location and Melbourne’s urban feel.

“Hophaus evokes some of the design sensibilities and bold geometric forms that can be found in the important architectural legacy of art deco Melbourne,” said Carling.

“We were inspired by the substantial and expressive columns, fully integrated artwork, fixed mount lighting and bold use of form and colour as a palette of components able to be adapted to the design.”

Hophaus Bier Bar


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