Leading spatial data company, Matterport is giving Android users worldwide the power to instantly create a dimensionally accurate digital twin of buildings and spaces with just their smartphone through Matterport for Mobile.  

Matterport’s 3D capture app for Android enables customers across a variety of industries, including retail to use Matterport to measure, document, manage, and promote properties online.

With the app installed, a digital twin can be created in just minutes. Quick setup is supported by tutorials every step of the way. Matterport’s precision AI-powered capture software is designed to make 3D capture fast, easy, and reliable.

Teams can create a set of digital twins for multiple properties by simply downloading the app to each team member’s device.

Matterport chief technology officer, Japjit Tulsi told Retailbiz marrying the convenience and frictionless elements of ecommerce with the emotional connection offered by bricks-and-mortar stores, retailers can achieve a more compelling retail experience.

“It’s never been easier with Matterport’s 3D capture app, which allows retailers to instantly create a dimensionally accurate digital twin of a store with any compatible Android or iOS device in just minutes,” he said.

“Retailers can do even more than create a new and exciting ecommerce experience with digital twins of their stores. They can leverage our immersive 3D virtual tours to view in-store equipment, inventory, product selection and placement, POS displays, and much more to ensure a consistent brand experience across locations. Using this visual data, stores can plan, implement, and manage floor layouts and merchandising more efficiently than ever before.”