Hive by Laminex


Raising the bar for great design, flooring brand Laminex has opened a state-of-the-art concept showroom in Sydney offering a mix of digital and physical experiences to the customer.

Called Hive by Laminex, the Alexandria based design space is fitted with touchpads enabling designers to work directly with the customer on their style and design objectives. ‘Tap and take’ cards can be used to build a personalised portfolio of samples, which can then be imported into Laminex’s Design Your Space application and reviewed in a digitised kitchen or bathroom space.

“We believe that good design enables good living,” saidTina Randello, Laminex general manager, marketing.

“As a brand, one of our core focuses is demystifying the design process to make great design accessible for all Australians—regardless of changing trends, personal style or budget―and the new showroom is a physical representation of this philosophy.”

Hive by Laminex

The gallery-inspired showroom showcases Laminex’s full portfolio of materials, colours and textures as wall mounted art pieces. In line with the brand’s recently launched Inspired By campaign, every aspect of the layout has been carefully curated to reflect Laminex’s 12 individual interior styles.

“Our research tells us that people can easily identify with images in magazines or on social media that appeal to them, but taking that inspiration and making it a reality is the part most people find daunting,” explained Catherine Valente, Laminex’s marketing manager, design, and the designer behind Hive.

“We therefore wanted our customer to experience the 12 styles in a more realistic setting, so Hive has been designed to mirror everyday living, showing how each of the 12 styles works in situ and how the look can be achieved across varying budgets.

“For example, our three feature kitchens hero the Mineral, Scandinavian and Inner Urban aesthetics, while bathrooms evoke Glamour and a collection of study spaces highlight the diversity of the Vintage, Noir, Coastal, Classic and Modern & Co styles.”

This story originally appeared on Giftguide.


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