It’s a difficult task for individuals to break into the market with their own product as they often are faced with high upfront costs. 

This is was the struggle Wendy Jackson witnessed when her daughter-in-law attempted to sell her handmade wares in a small retail store. As a result, Jackson decided to launch Shops To Share, a advertising website aimed at anyone who wants to share or source shop space.

As the founder of the company, Jackson told RetailBiz she hopes Shops To Share will be a solution for people who want to sell their products without the massive overheads.

“There are a lot of people like design students who have just finished their degree and have their own range of products but don’t have anywhere to put,” she said.

“Shops To Share will open up opportunities, which could be a make or break situation for them.”

The site is aimed at two main groups of people. The first group of people are store owners who have extra space within their store and are looking to earn some extra income by renting that space out. The second group is for all other retailers whether they sell online or at markets and are looking for permanent exposure within a store space.

“It’s often too hard for store owners to find a suitable product that doesn’t compete with what they already have in their store but with Shops To Share it makes it possible,” Jackson said.

“Shops To Share is a mutually beneficial concept for both parties. “

Still in the process of trying to gain momentum for the site, Jackson is running a promotion that will allow free ads to be placed on the Shops To Share website.  This will enable users to add their logo, photos and other descriptions to advertise their space or their products.