small store design


If you have a small floor space or simply want to liven up a dark corner in your store, here are a few tips to get you started.

Clean and tidy

Nothing will make your space feel smaller than it is like clutter. If customers can’t see all the stock without taking your display apart, you probably have too much going on. Aim for shelves that are exciting without being too busy.

Even if you’ve just received a fresh delivery of beautiful new stock, avoid stacking things on the floor or creating piles against a wall. The mess will make your customers feel trapped when instead you want them to feel welcome to browse (and buy) for hours.

Layers of style

A great way to display a lot of stock in a small space without it becoming cluttered is through layering. Think of a theme, for example a current trend like linen, and create a display using all your products that fit into this category.

A homewares store could try styling a dining scene, or a sports store could go with a football (pick your code) display. This will not only create a focal point in your store but it should also look neat and tidy as everything conforms to a theme.

small store design

Customers should feel welcome to browse.

Create good vibes

Use a few feng shui principles to organise your store and create a positive flow of energy (or ‘qi’). Done right, this should result in a space that looks and feels good, no matter the size.

Even in a small store you should have a few sub-centres in your space that invite customers to move around and explore. You can also try placing stock in one of your store’s ‘lucky corners’, which are those diagonal to the front door. Speaking of the door, this should be well lit with no mirrors facing the entrance.

Be enlightened

Lighting is also extremely important in feng shui, as light is the strongest manifestation of energy. According to the experts you should aim for three different types of light in-store, and stay away from fluorescent bulbs.

small store design

Aim for three different types of light in-store.

Natural light is ideal if you can get it, but if not simulate the feeling with soft, ambient lighting. Next, ensure you have accent lights on a few displays to make the individual spaces come to life. This will focus customers’ attention on a particular section of your store and make it seem larger than it is.


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