Australian fintech, Zeller has released a new Split Payments feature for Zeller Terminal, allowing customers to split a payment by the number of diners, or by a custom value.

Typical EFTPOS payments products have not evolved to meet the needs of large hospitality venues, which face various checkout scenarios at the end of a sitting, often leaving one diner to cover the entire bill and having to chase payment from other diners.

Zeller’s new Split Payments functionality can split a bill evenly by selecting the number of diners, or by custom values to account for individual orders.

“Australian hospitality businesses lead the way in the adoption of new technology to elevate the dining experience. Whether it’s through Zeller Pay at Table to accelerate the speed at which tables are turned over, or through EFTPOS-enabled Split Payments to complete the dining experience with a positive checkout, solutions that offer convenience to customers and streamline operations for waitstaff help restaurateurs differentiate in an increasingly competitive environment,” Zeller director of growth, Joshua McNicol said.

“We’ve received outstanding feedback on Zeller Terminal’s new Split Payments functionality, and are excited to continue to deliver on our commitment to boost payments innovation to support Australia’s hospitality sector.”

In addition to giving customers more choice in how they settle the bill, the new Split Payments feature reduces checkout time and accelerates table turnover. Zeller Terminal’s large 5.5-inch display, combined with the unique design of the Split Payments feature interface, delivers a simplified payment experience for diners and waitstaff.

It also offers the option for each diner to leave a tip, increasing the opportunity for waitstaff to be rewarded. In recent testing, restaurants using Split Payments were more than three times more likely to receive a tip in comparison to those who did not have this feature enabled.