Just 100 days since launch, payments provider, Zeller is addressing the technical barriers caused by Covid restrictions by spearheading the EFTPOS revolution.

With 139 new enhancements to its cloud-based software delivered in just over three months, Zeller’s model provides a collaborative customer-first approach never seen before by the finance industry.

Zeller’s product team made real-time updates that would’ve otherwise impacted the business continuity and the bottom line of thousands of SMEs across the country.

Some of the major updates since launch include Zeller SIM card, managing site settings, printing reports, receipt customisation, manual payments, and card management.

Zeller Terminal’s unique value proposition is dual Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, ensuring that in the event of a Wi-Fi drop out, Zeller Terminal can switch to SIM and guard against costly outages.

Launching the new Zeller SIM Card in partnership with Optus, this unique accessory enables businesses to sell on-the-go with unlimited data, no lock-in plan, and affordable coverage with the first month included free.

One of the primary features that makes Zeller scalable across multiple sites or locations is the ability to quickly update EFTPOS Terminal Settings such as surcharges, tipping values, refunds or receipt details, instantly, and then push those updates across the entire Zeller Terminal fleet in every location. Businesses can update site settings via the Zeller Dashboard or directly on the Zeller Terminal.

With the ability to print a daily transaction report directly from Zeller Terminal, site managers can print a daily reconciliation from the device, rather than logging in to the Zeller Dashboard on a computer. 

Zeller offers merchants the ability to provide printed, email or SMS receipts, with a business logo and details including address, phone number, email, note and return policy.

The most popular feature request since Zeller launched was the ability for merchants to manually enter a customer’s card details on Zeller Terminal, ideal when accepting payments over the phone. This update spearheaded requests from thousands of Zeller’s customers and was taken from feedback to design to launch in less than three weeks. 

Zeller Mastercard is included in the box with Zeller Terminal, enabling businesses to spend funds accepted as soon as they’re settled to their Zeller Account. New card management features enable business managers to order new cards, report lost cards, or shut down cards from the Zeller Dashboard. 

“Zeller is a merchant-first business. One of our biggest product and engineering differentiators we have over the incumbents is that Zeller is actively listening to merchants, and able to move fast to iterate and build on our products based upon feedback,” Zeller CEO and co-founder, Ben Pfisterer (pictured above) told Retailbiz.

“We take pride in working closely with our growing community of business owners to create financial services products that solve real life, everyday problems. We strive for a culture of constant innovation, so in just over 100 days following Zeller’s launch in May, our team delivered 139 new features and product enhancements to businesses using Zeller.”

Unreliable EFTPOS connectivity or Wi-Fi networks costs businesses in both sales and customer satisfaction with traditional EFTPOS terminals often dropping out at key moments. This is where the Zeller SIM card comes in – an affordable, no-contract SIM card with unlimited data that a merchant can insert into Zeller Terminal for instant back-up connectivity.

“It’s a simple product that helps protect a merchant’s cashflow. Our ability to take a new product from concept to reality in a few weeks, not years, is a massive advantage the Zeller tech-stack gives us over the archaic EFTPOS solutions the incumbents offer. It enables us to quickly bring new features and products to life that can make a positive impact to the bottom lines of thousands of Australian businesses.”