Australian fintech, Zeller has introduced a Contact Directory enabling merchants to better understand their cash flow by producing information and detail about the customers purchasing on Zeller Terminal and suppliers they are spending with on Zeller Mastercard.

To date, nearly 1,000 contacts have been created by Zeller merchants each week since the feature launched.

Zeller Contact Directory allows merchants to create and manage contacts in their Zeller Dashboard to strengthen relationships through a greater understanding of funds spent and earnt, enable merchants to understand the most frequent and high-spending customers for more favourable trading terms, access data on spending patterns with the ability to attach transaction receipts, notes, quotes and invoices.

“Through Zeller Contact Directory we’re enabling our merchants to significantly enhance their understanding of the people and businesses behind their transactions — who their most loyal customers are, and which suppliers they spend most frequently with,” Zeller CEO and co-founder, Ben Pfisterer said.

“Alongside this powerful data, we are delivering our merchants a tool that enables them to upload and manage contact collateral such as invoices and receipts. We are helping them make more informed decisions — whether it’s negotiating better deals with suppliers or understanding customer loyalty and engagement.”