Australian fintech reimagining business banking, Zeller, is releasing over 100 new cloud point-of-sale (POS) integrations, offering business owners a seamless and self-service experience when connecting Zeller EFTPOS Terminal with their preferred POS system.

With this release, Zeller has expanded its integrated POS platforms to include over 600 providers including new partners Zii, Abacus, and Lightspeed Retail. Whether a merchant is using a cloud-based or on-premise POS system, they can now pair with Zeller Terminal in just a few clicks.

“Our focus at Zeller is to offer business owners an efficient and reliable payments solution that easily connects with the other technology and software they already use to run and grow their business. Our user-friendly pairing feature makes connecting your point-of-sale system with Zeller Terminal effortless, delivering a smooth experience that saves time and minimises errors for our customers,” Zeller director of growth, Joshua McNicol said.

Integration between the POS and Zeller Terminal is completely self-service, with new industry-first functionality that is not offered with typical, bank-issued EFTPOS terminals which require third-party support or engineers to integrate.

Transaction details are automatically pushed from the POS to Zeller Terminal, significantly speeding up checkout and reducing the risk of human error. All transaction data is synced between Zeller Terminal and the POS software, making end-of-day reconciliation effortless.

Zeller Terminal’s large-format screen can be customised to present the business logo, enhancing brand presence at the point of purchase.